Welcome Back

Hey guys – Kelsey here! I know what you’re thinking, and yes, I am the same author of the much renowned blog Silks and Barrels. And yes, it has been awhile since I last sat in front of the computer and created content for the blog. But guess what, I’m back and I’ve got a brand new bag!

. . . I’m not sure if that’s quite how the saying goes, but you get the point. I’m back and this time I’m tackling the blogging world sans Joe. He’s still here, behind the camera most of the times, trying to learn how to take a decent photo and helping me as much as he can. But work for him is so constantly busy that he doesn’t quite have the time to focus on the blog.

Me on the other hand . . . well I’m feeling a little lost in this world. After talking to a few friends and getting a much needed vote of confidence, I’ve decided to continue on with blogging. Because, when I did it, I really enjoyed it. And if you like something, you should do it. See how simple the world can be!

Welcome to Maybe Tomorrow. I hope you’ll enjoy it.