DIY Lip Scrub

I love lipsticks, especially matte ones, even if that means loving a product that is going to dry out my lips. The key to any good lipstick application is making sure your lips are free of dry, flaky skin.

Scrub (6)SCrub (8)

Lip scrubs are awesome to help you take care of this (like this one from Clinique), but they can be surprisingly expensive! Especially when you consider just how easy you can make them at home. This cost me zero dollars, using ingredients I already have in my kitchen! The brown sugar will slough off your dead skin, while the coconut oil adds moisturize and the peppermint oil soothes your lippies!


Mix the brown sugar and coconut oil together with a fork until well blended. Add in the two drops of peppermint oil and stir. Voila! Rub on your lips using your finger for about a minute. Wipe away any remaining brown sugar and your luscious lips are set to go!

Scrub (7).JPG