3-Step at Home Facial

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I love facials, but I’m too lazy to constantly keep up with appointments and, more importantly, don’t have the income at this point to get them regularly. I’ve looked up ways to get a similar experience at home and try to do this 3-step process once a week, usually on Sunday, to refresh my face from the weekend.

At Home Facial (2)

Step 1 \\ Starting with a clean face, this first step can technically be two steps, depending on the product you use – see, I’ve tricked you into believing this is only three steps when it can be four. But rest assured, I’ve done this process both ways. You can first exfoliate the skin, using something like a Clarisonic brush or exfoliating face mask or scrub. Second, apply a clarifying clay mask. However, in favor of laziness and combining as many steps as possible into one, I like to use this Origins Retexturing mask with Rose Clay, because its a purifying clay mask AND exfoliant. I apply this, wait the ten minutes, then exfoliate off the dead skin and wash everything away in one easy step.

Step 2 \\ Apply a hot towel to your face. Don’t make it so hot that you can’t handle it, but you don’t want it just warm either. I like to run this under hot water then nuke it in the microwave for 10 seconds or so before applying it to my face. This should go without say, but if it’s too hot for you to touch – DO NOT put it on your face. Leave on for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3 \\ Use a hydrating sheet mask. I like this one from Dr. Jart+ because it’s very moisturizing and refreshing. You lay with the mask on your face for 15-20 minutes (looking slightly like an alien), remove the mask and pat in the remaining solution.

Finish with your favorite moisturizer and your face will be refreshed!