Maybe Mini \\ Getting More Personal

I’ve really enjoyed my time spent working on this blog! It’s been fun sharing some of my life with you. The most exciting thing for me has been finding my voice as I create content and posts to share. I feel like with each week that passes I’m coming up with different ideas on where I want to take Maybe Tomorrow. I was inspired the other day, while I was looking at other blogs, as I realized that the thing I enjoy most in other people’s blogs are the personal pieces that shed light on their life.

With that being said, I want to try and get a bit more personal here in my posts as well. It can be really scary to open up, but I feel like it helps us connect better and hopefully you can enjoy my posts more if you know a little bit about who I am. Rather than just telling you about an outfit I like or beauty products I swear by, I really want to begin sharing more of my backstory along with why I’ve picked the outfit I’m wearing (you may have noticed that in yesterday’s post).

So to start opening up a little bit more, I thought I’d share the story of how Joe and I met. We’re getting married in less than a week and with each passing day, I’m getting more and more excited. Not only are we embarking on the trip of a lifetime (Italy), but also the adventure of a lifetime (marriage)!

I was a 1L about to start law school and Joe was a 2L and leader of the new student orientation committee. He had organized an event at the local minor league baseball stadium for all 1L students to get to know each other. I was completely new to North Carolina (we went to Elon Law) and figured it would be a good way to meet new people. Joe had organized the event, so we met and chatted briefly as he handed me my ticket to the game. I wish I could tell you there some kind of immediate sparks that flew where I just knew this was the guy, but in reality I took my ticket and headed inside.

A few days later at another organized event, Joe found out I was from the Chicago area. Over some tater tots, he started discussing his love for Portillos and how he often visited his grandfather who lived near the city. We discovered his aunt lived in the small town right next to the small town where I grew up. We instantly hit it off, the conversation was really easy, and we had a lot of fun. Not long after, we had our official first date (that I didn’t know was a date).

When Joe proposed, he took me to the minor league stadium here in Louisville. He handed me the original tickets from that very first baseball game where we met, with a note asking me to marry him. The real magic of that first encounter at the stadium in North Carolina was that I got to meet my future husband, even though I didn’t realize it at the time. It really goes to show you how impactful a small moment in your life can end up being.

This past weekend, our last weekend in Louisville before our marriage, we went to a minor league game (that’s where this picture was taken). I’m indifferent towards baseball, not a fan but not not a fan. But these minor league games will always have a special place in my heart because of Joe.