Weekend Errands \\ Blush Duster

Cape (12) (533x800)

Long Cardigan \\ White Cami (similar) \\ H&M High Waist Jeans \\ Woven Sandals (similar)

The weekends have been full of a million errands. I long for the days when Sunday consisted of lying on the couch binge watching Netflix. This past weekend we were checking off the last few things on our list before we leave.

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We’re renting a car for the first part of our trip to Italy, and so Joe was insistent on test driving a car this weekend to practice stick shift. I was against the whole thing (how awkward and I hate car shopping even when it’s real, let alone fake!), but we went to the mini cooper dealership. Joe had this whole plan worked out where he was going to pretend that he wanted a mini, and then would tell the guy he hated how small it was after the test drive. Yet some how, before I knew it, Joe was practically negotiating a contract with the dealership, acting like he was going to buy it! They were even about to show him a bigger car. I had to take over and be the bad guy, telling them we did not like the mini. I couldn’t believe he went so off book! Always the businessman.

This blush duster is perfect for those weekend errands. This was a trade I made with my friend, Stephanie. She wanted a dress I owned that I hadn’t worn in forever and I wanted this piece to be in my closet stat. We both left happy! I love how flowy it is, especially when the wind catches it. As we all know, I love long cardigans and just because it’s getting warmer doesn’t mean we have to put them away! They pair perfectly with shorts and are so light weight that you can wear them on a summer evening. Try this pink faux trench one, this kimono one, and I’ve mentioned this sleeveless one before, and still love it!

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