Under the Tuscan Sun \\ Montepulciano

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I couldn’t wait to get to wine country. During our trip, we took a day to drive from Florence to Montepulciano to visit some wineries and explore the cobbled stone streets of the quaint little town. We had looked into doing a group tour of Tuscany, but after figuring out prices and timing, we decided that it made much more sense for us to just rent a car for the day and do it ourselves.

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I looked up some wineries using this super helpful website beforehand. Our original plan had been to visit both Montalcino and Montepulciano, but instead we decided to slow  things down a bit and just enjoy one of the cities instead. Sometimes during our trip we tried to pack so much into our days that we end up worrying more about making it to the next planned activity rather than just slowing down and enjoying. So that’s exactly what we did.

And I’m so glad we did it this we. We started at Avignonesi, sitting outside overlooking the lush, rolling hills, and enjoying the delicious tasting, before heading to Poliziano on the way into town. We enjoyed some wines, bought a bottle for ourselves to enjoy, and met the kindest people who gave us a ton of recommendations for our upcoming stop in the Amalfi Coast (which led us to one of our favorite restaurants of the trip).

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We then explored the town of Montepulciano, enjoyed lunch, got lost around the winding roads, and admired the most beautiful views of Tuscany. I wore this adorable white midi dress. I had bought this floral one specifically with Tuscany in mind, but when it arrived the zipper was broken. I was absolutely devastated because I loved it so much, but I didn’t have time to reorder it before we left. Still, this white dress was the perfect one for the Italian countryside.

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The day was over far too quickly, and we drove back to Florence full of pasta.