My Most Favorite Place \\ Positano and the Amalfi Coast

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Look 1: Skirt (last seen here) \\ Cami \\ Shoes (last seen here) \\ Earrings

Look 2: Swim Suit Top \\ Swim Suit Bottoms \\ Duster

Look 3: Dress (similar here & here) \\ Sunglasses \\ Purse

If I talked to you before we left for this trip, you know that I was most looking forward to our time spent on the Amalfi Coast. After seeing all the photographs, I knew I would absolutely cherish every second we spent there and I was right. The scenes were breathtaking. I wish I could tell you that from the first moments there I was in heaven, but in all honesty I was fighting the car sickness that had developed on our drive around the curvy roads from Naples to Positano. Once it wore off, I was in heaven as I looked upon the views from our amazing balcony of our hotel.

Positano (533x800)Positano (17) (800x533).jpgWe had the most wonderful time here and to be honest, it was the first time we officially felt like we were on a true honeymoon. From relaxing on the beach and cooling off in the freezing cold water of the Mediterranean, to gazing upon the most amazing views of Positano at dinner, to breakfasts on our balcony overlooking the gorgeous hotels on the cliff side. Everything was stunning and the pictures just do not do the place justice. The food was also amazing, we indulged in every bit of pizza, pasta, and wine that we could.

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It’s pretty easy to navigate through Positano; mostly just head up! The beach is at the bottom and most hotels, restaurants, and shopping is located up what can quickly become hundreds of stairs. It’s well worth it though, helping us burn off all the pizza and wine and serving as our only form of exercise on the trip. Plus the higher up you go, the more beautiful the place becomes.

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During one of our days, we took the ferry over to Amalfi to explore another area around the coast. The best part was the ferry ride, seeing the Amalfi Coast from the sea was indescribable. Amalfi itself was beautiful, covered everywhere in lemon and orange trees. Still, nothing compared to Positano. We had hopes of also making it to Ravello (all the locals we met raved about this town) but the timing did not work out. Leaving from Positano made us both so sad to say goodbye to our trip, but excited to return one day.