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Jumpsuit (similar) \\ Sandals (similar & with heel) \\ Clutch \\ Necklace (similar) \\ Earrings

Our first full week back in America was . . . tough. Between getting organized after all the travel and parties AND then having to go back to work, adjusting to real life was zero fun.

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Needless to say we were ready for the weekend when Friday finally arrived! Joe made us reservations at our favorite restaurant, Seviche, and we got dressed up for our first night out in America as husband and wife! One thing (among the many) that we really appreciated about Italy was how long dinners always lasted. There was limited interruption, as the waiter would only stop by to take your order, again to drop it off, and at the end of the meal when you asked for the check. There wasn’t the constant interruption of waitstaff checking in to see if you needed anything. You really felt like you had the table to yourself for as long as you wanted it. So, we decided to try and recreate this experience at Seviche.

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I feel like restaurant waitstaff want to make sure they are attentive, which is nice, but when I want to enjoy a nice long dinner, it can be kind of annoying to have them constantly checking in. You feel rushed, even if that’s not their intention. But, our waitress on Friday couldn’t have been any more amazing. We told her we wanted to enjoy a glass of wine before ordering our appetizers, and she let us be, only checking back in as she poured our second glasses and to take our order. She let us enjoy our appetizers before we ordered our main course, and she only checked in once during dinner. It was a great experience! I understand that not everyone wants to dine this way, but we loved being able to take our time and enjoy each others company throughout the evening.

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I wore this black jumpsuit and it’s no secret – I love jumpsuits! While this one is a bit older, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite black jumpsuits that are currently available! There’s this darling lace trim jumpsuit  \\ this amazing strapless number \\ this more casual culotte version with just the right amount of feminine detail \\ and this cold shoulder one that’s currently 40% off!

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Any of them would be perfect for a night out. I just love when one piece of clothing gets the job done! That’s multitasking at its finest.