Maybe Mini \\ Getting Back Into Health

Wow! We are already into July and I cannot believe it. Summer is flying by and I’m just reeling because so much happened in June, I feel like I blinked and it was over.

My June was reallllllly busy. Between getting married, returning from Italy, having our elopement party, going to Vegas, and then traveling to Chicago, it has been exhausting. Fulfilling, but exhausting.

And with all that travel and excitement, it has been so easy to let my health go. Leading up to our wedding, I was doing everything I could to be in the best shape. I worked out 5-6 times a week, I ate extremely healthy and watched my calories, and I limited any alcohol consumption to one night a week. I ended up reaching my goal weight before we left for Italy, losing a total of 18 pounds. The above picture is from the last photo shoot we did before we left.

Then we went to Italy, where wine, cheese and pasta became a daily occurrence. Since returning, I’ve had such a hard time getting back into a healthy routine, that I’ve gained back ten pounds! (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here). With all the travel and the nice summer weather, it makes it hard to cook a healthy meal at home. Instead, I want to go out, sit on a patio, eat something delicious (aka fried and/or smothered in cheese) and maybe partake in a cocktail as well!

July 4th weekend, I really started feeling the effects of not taking care of myself. My motivation and self esteem were really low, I was much more irritable, always felt really tired, and all around I just did not feel like myself.

It’s reminded me how easy it is to fall out of a healthy routine when you’re not making a conscience effort! Eating healthy and working out require your active pursuit; you can’t just be a passive participant and expect to look and feel the way you want! So, last week I jumped back on the workout train and I made it through the whole week. I also am trying to get back into a healthy eating routine, somewhere around the 80/20 range (healthy 80% of the time, not so healthy 20%). This usually means being really good on the weeknights and letting loose on the weekend. Finally, it’s once again time to say “bye bye” to alcohol on weeknights!

I think falling out of a healthy lifestyle can be normal and we all go through it. I’m trying not to beat myself up about falling off track, because I think that only does more damage. Once you stop, it’s especially hard to jump back into it without giving yourself a hard time. But I’m really excited and finally feeling motivated to get healthy again! I’ll keep you guys updated on my journey.

Do you have any tips and tricks for staying on track?!