Foundation Application Test: Sponge v. Brush

It’s Beauty Thursday and today I’m talking about foundation! Foundation can be a great product. A perfect application + good foundation can leave your skin looking absolutely flawless. But the question usually is, what is better when applying your foundation – the beauty sponge or the foundation brush?! To find the answer, I put two foundations to the test!

For this experiment I wanted to use two foundations, one high end and one drug store. To figure out which foundation would be the best, I turned to to see what they recommended. They researched 364 foundation formulas to find the best. Luckily, the Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation was a top pick and one I already owned. I also wanted to test a drug store brand, so after looking at, I ran to Target and picked up the L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation.

DSC05314 (1024x683)

I used the Morphe Brushes Flawless Beauty Sponge and the Morphe Deluxe Buffer Foundation Brush for each application. (tip: make sure you’re beauty sponge is damp when applying foundation). I used my Clinique Pep Start as a primer before each application, but otherwise let the sponge and brush work their magic.

Makeup Forever Utral HD Foundation \\ Sponge v. Brush

DSC05286 (1024x683)DSC05301 (1024x683)

First up, I put Makeup Forever to the test. Typically, I apply this with my foundation brush, just purely out of habit. I was excited to test out the two side by side. On the left side of my face I applied the foundation using the beauty sponge. On the right side, I used my foundation brush.

DSC05304 (1024x683)

Though it’s not really noticeable from the picture alone, the foundation brush was easier to use than the sponge. This foundation is fairly thick, and I felt like I got an overall better application from the brush. It was easier to blend in and made the foundation lay seamlessly. The sponge required a lot more time and effort to get everything blended in perfectly.

Winner: Brush

L’Oreal Paris True Match Foundation \\  Sponge v. Brush

DSC05285 (1024x683)DSC05292 (1024x683)

Next up was L’Oreal Paris True Match foundation. This foundation is much thinner than the Makeup Forever. Again, I tested it with the sponge on the left side of my face, and the brush on the right side.

DSC05296 (1024x683)

This time, the sponge worked wonders. It stamped this directly into my face and blended in well. The brush still did a fine job, but I liked the wear of the foundation with the beauty sponge better. The sponge gave the foundation and my skin a more airbrushed appearance.

Winner: Sponge

I was surprised I liked two different applicators for the foundations, but I think it just goes to show no two foundations are alike! Give your favorite a foundation a try with a sponge and a brush – you may just be surprise yourself.