Friends from College & Summer Whites

Shirt \\ Jeans \\ Shoes \\ Purse \\ Sunglasses \\ Necklace

This past weekend was an absolute blast. Joe was in Las Vegas, so my college girlfriends came down to Louisville for a girls weekend. There is a group of four of us from college that lived together junior and senior year at Augustana. We called our house the “Green Machine” when we were seniors because it was literally green house where we loved to throw parties. We have the best time whenever we’re together, and things usually end up getting a little wild.

Summer.WhitesSummer.Whites (10)Summer.Whites (11)

We realized that it had been years since we last hung out just the four of us. We’ve been together in big groups, or with our significant others, or had one-on-one girl time here and there, but we haven’t found time to get together just the college roomies! It was honestly so much fun and just like the “old times”, we reminisced while eating and drinking our way through Louisville, including doing our own impromptu pretzel bread and beer cheese tour-de-lou. I won’t tell you exactly how many pretzels we ate on Saturday, but lets just say it was over 5 and under 10.

The weather was so nice this weekend, the cool evenings have me ready for fall. I am completely drawn to fall fashion. Give me all the booties, jackets, and sweaters now. I’m getting so excited to break out my new finds and keeping my fingers crossed the weather will start cooling down. I thought I’d try to get at least one more summer white look in. I love this scallop top and have been wearing it all summer. I’m definitely going to keep wearing it into the fall, with all of the cardigans and jackets.

Summer.Whites (9)Summer.Whites (8)Summer.Whites (2)Summer.Whites (3)