$430 Million Shopping Spree

Chloé Bag \\ Burberry Trench \\ Valentino Dress \\ Max Mara Camel Coat \\ Louboutin Heels \\ Lana Jewelry Necklace \\ Gucci Shoes \\ La Mer Moisturizer

If you haven’t heard, the Powerball Drawing is tonight and it’s up to $430 Million! Joe & I have bought a few tickets and are keeping our fingers crossed tight. It’s so funny that whenever the Powerball hits a really high number, everyone decides they need a ticket, yet no one rushes out to buy them when it’s $5 million. It’s like nah – we’re all too good for $5 million.

Well of course Joe & I have already started talking about what we do if we won. Quitting our jobs, investing in a private jet, buying a condo in downtown Chicago and donating to some of our favorite charities are our top priorities. It’s a dangerous game to play because you imagine this life of luxury and the tiniest part of you starts believing it could happen! But I don’t care, because it’s so exciting. I thought it’d be fun to share some of the items I would buy if I had $430 Million (minus taxes & deductions for taking the lump sum & blah, blah) to go on a shopping spree!

Chloé Bag \\ I have dreamed of having a Chloé bag for years. When I started getting into high-end fashion, it was one of the first things I told Joe I wanted to own. But then I saw the price tag and quickly put away that thought.

Burberry Trench \\ When I think of the quintessential trench coat, I think of Burberry. And this blush one has my name written all over it!

Valentino Dress \\ Valentino makes gorgeous dresses, and this gold, beaded beauty is a stunner. Plus, since this is a fantasy world where I’ve won the lottery, I will now have many fancy occasions to wear it.

Max Mara Camel Coat \\ Much like Burberry, when I think of winter jackets, especially camel ones, I think of Max Mara. If I had $1,000 to blow, I would buy this one right now.

Louboutin Heels \\ Christian. Louboutin. Every $430 Millionaire should own a pair! Realistically, these shoes would probably be the death of me. But this is my fantasy, so I’m wearing them every day.

Lana Jewelry Necklace \\ Lana makes these gorgeous layered pieces that I can’t get enough of and can’t afford, so I end up buying every cheap dupe I can find! It’d be amazing to own the real thing.

Gucci Shoes \\ Blush. Loafers. Gucci. These speak for themselves.

La Mer Moisturizer \\ The moisturizer of the rich and famous! I’ve never tried this, but if Chrissy Teigen tells you it’s amazing, you immediately go and buy it when you have that lotto money.

What’s on the top of your list if you won the Powerball?!