My Hometown \\ McHenry

Slip Dress \\ Cardigan (similar) \\ Shoes (similar) \\ Necklace (similar)

I grew up in the small town of McHenry, Illinois, northwest from the city of Chicago. It’s a quaint town, which always made for some interesting experiences growing up. For example, my family rented a house on a cattle farm, so I always had cows mooing in my backyard. Also, most weekend nights there was nothing to do in town, so my friends and I would ride around in our cars, blaring music, and eating some form of takeout. Oh, and for the longest time the only chain-restaurant we had was an Applebee’s. That’s small town life!

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The town has changed a lot since I’ve lived there, it seems like a lot of young people and businesses have moved away. But, it’s a great river town that once was a destination for city-weekenders and now just desperately needs some rejuvenation. There are still pretty areas that offer moments of serenity. On Saturday morning, we went over to the McHenry River Walk to enjoy some coffee before having a delightful breakfast with my family. Whenever Joe and I go back to visit, I find myself having quiet moments of nostalgia.

I’m ready for that transition into fall (you might have noticed), and this wine colored slip dress is the perfect solution. It’s light and breezy since it’s still over 80 degrees, but the deep color just screams fall. I can totally see it with a cardigan, a light summer jacket, or even a leather jacket to make it a bit edgier.

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It’s always good to go back home.

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