Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Sweater (on sale for under $35!) \\ Shorts (on sale for under $30!) \\ Shoes \\ Sunglasses

I know, I’ve talking your ears off on my social channels (and on here) about my love of fall. But the weather this last week was just so perfect, as temperatures dipped into the low 70s, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

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This is a really awkward time of year for shopping and clothing. I want to buy all the sweaters and booties I can, but it’s still a little to warm outside. At the same time, I want to transition away from summer, but the summer pieces are now on sale at unbelievable prices (like my favorite shorts for under $30). There has to be a way to balance it all.

A really easy way to start transitioning your wardrobe is to pair your new finds with some of your trusty summer favorites. I wore this sweater I recently bought with my denim shorts and these lace-up shoes. It was the perfect outfit for the breezy 75 degree day. Don’t be afraid to mix and match the seasons! Try wearing your favorite summer dress with a denim jacket and booties, or wear that beloved summer crop top with high-waisted ripped jeans and a blazer. Have fun with the awkward in between, because it won’t last long.

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