Maybe This Week

This week felt really weird. I think it’s because it started with Joe having the flu. He was sick all weekend so we stayed at home so he could relax, while I did A LOT of behind the scenes work for the blog. When the work week started, it felt really weird, because Joe got to stay home on Monday and I felt like I never got a weekend. Anyways, he’s better now and we’re off to Nashville this weekend! If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments. Here’s this weeks roundup.

People Sharing Photos of Themselves from Last Election to This Election | Buzzfeed

I don’t care what your politics are, last years election took a lot of all of us. Tuesday was a big election day for 33 states, which inspired some of these hilarious memes popping up all over the internet.

Sophie Turner Defends Finn Wolfhard | TIME

It always amazes me that people think they are entitled to something from actors, especially CHILD actors. A fan waited outside of Stranger Things Actor Finn Wolfhard’s (Michael) hotel and then videotaped him leaving. Finn, understandably, didn’t come up to the fan, and he called him rude in the video and on twitter. Needless to say, Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark on GOT) was having NONE of it and defended him. She says everything I would say about the encounter here, so I’ll let her words speak for me.

The Stranger Things Kids Were Nearly a MoTown Super Group | James Corden

Speaking of Stranger Things, this video of them performing on James Corden is absolutely adorable! I could not believe how killer their singing voice are!!

Holiday Pajamas

It’s only 13 days until Thanksgiving! I can’t believe it. The holidays are coming up so fast, and I’m on a serious hunt for some great Christmas morning pjs! These santa ones are so cute!

Have a great weekend!