Parents & In-Laws Gift Guide

Gift guide for parents and in-laws

Parents are arguably the hardest people to shop for at any time of year. What do you get the people who barely ever tell you what they want for the holidays? Well, I’ve rounded up a couple of ideas here to hopefully provide you with some inspiration. You can also check out my other gift guides here (beauty obsessed, fashionista, libation lover, and snuggled up and cozy) for more ideas.

Gift guide for parents and in-laws

Gifts for Mom / Mother-in-law

Vase (small and/or large) | These vases are actually from two different collections, but they pair perfectly together. This will also make future gifting easier, because whenever you visit from now on, you’ll be able to give your parents flowers!

Capri Blue Candle | This is my favorite candle ever! You can pick this up at your local anthropology or nordstrom and they smell absolutely amazing. The only problem? It smells so amazing you’ll want to keep one for yourself.

Kendra Scott Birthstone Pendant | Kendra Scott is known for quality craftsmanship and this birthstone pendant would be such a beautiful piece for your mother/in-law in your life.

Birchbox Subscription | I did this for my mom one year and she loved it! Unlike other subscription gifts, you get to choose how long you want the boxes to keep coming – 3, 6 or 12 months! It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Stella and Dot Engravable Delicate Necklace | Stella & Dot has made a name for itself in the engravables business and it’s easy to see why! It’s such a personalized gift by adding a memorable date or initials to the pendent. Other great options are this locket and this beautiful engravable bracelet.

Cashmere Scarf | Go above and beyond by gifting her a cashmere scarf! It’s pricey, but oh so soft and something she’ll keep with her for a long time. You can pool together with your siblings to keep the cost down!

Gifts for Dad / Father-in-law

Cufflinks | I’ve learned from Joe how much men love a good pair of cuff links. There are some really creative ideas out there to let his personality shine. These are engravable with any initial, but try and see if there’s something that matches his taste (like these football helmets or these businessmen!)

Planters | In my family, my dad has the green thumb. These planters make the perfect gift, and they’re stylish enough to be used both inside & outside the house.

Cravings Cookbook | It may seem crazy that I’m suggesting a cookbook written by supermodel Chrissy Teigen for your dad, but hear me out. 1) She’s a supermodel. 2) Her recipes are hearty, unique, and delicious. If you think it’s too outside of the box for your dad/in-law, you can also try this Craft Burgers Recipe Book.

Decanter & Whiskey Glasses | This is a fabulous gift, it’s beautiful, yet masculine. Nothing says “pour me a drink” like a decanter full of bourbon.

Slippers | Dad loves keeping his feet warm just like the rest of us, and I think that often gets overlooked. You could also get him a comfy robe for a complete lounging look.

Dad’s Playbook | A book of inspirational quotes from the greatest coaches of all time! Sounds like a winning play to me!

Looking for ideas that will work for both?

Get them their favorite bottle of wine and with a lovely carafe for serving it.

Try out a coffee table book based on their interests (Broadway musicals, architecture or the outdoors).

Are they coffee lovers? Put together a coffee basket with their favorite beans, a book on brewing, a coffee grinder, some cute mugs, and a coffee canister to hold their fresh grounds.

If they’re the athletic type, a fitbit is always the perfect gift (the fitbit zip is relatively cheap and great for that parent who loves walking).

And if they like technology, gifting an Amazon echo or echo dot is a surefire way to make it to the nice list.

Good luck!