Maybe This Week

Red Burgundy Dress

Red Burgundy Dress

Another week in the books. On Tuesday I thought this week would never end, but then Friday sort of snuck up on me! We have some fun plans to see friends this weekend and I have a work holiday party! It’s my only official “holiday” party of the year, so I’m pretty excited!

A lot of interesting things have come out this week, so without further ado.

Time Magazine Person of the Year: The Silence Breakers | I LOVE this choice for “person” of the year. This has been the year of the woman and I love that we are reclaiming our voice and changing the shape of what is acceptable culture. Time has gotten a lot of flack for including Taylor Swift on the cover, but I think it’s a smart choice. Her countersuit against the DJ that sexually assaulted her (yes, grabbing her ass is assault!) was so empowering. I would encourage you to read the article about how lonely and degrading her court battle was. She did’t have to countersue, yet she still pursued it. I have nothing but respect for her.

Jennifer Lawrence Interview by Oprah | You all know I have a long running obsession with Jennifer Lawrence (or if you don’t, now you do) and I really appreciated this interview of her by none other than Oprah! The past couple years have been wild, between the cyber hack, speaking out against pay inequality, and her work in social justice, she has been in the spotlight – either by choice or not. She’s the youngest person to be awarded THR Sherry Lansing Leadership Award. Good for her.

Harry Potter Handbags | Hi. Yes. Christmas presents for all!

A 22-year-old meets 81-year-old opponent in Words with Friends in Person | This story will bring a little light to your life! In all the bleakness out there, this just really reminds you of the importance of human interaction. I think it is such a sweet story.

Pictures of the Royals before they were Royals | Pictures of Kate and Meghan before they were involved in the Royal family! It’s refreshing to see them looking just like us!

Have a good weekend!