Puffer Jacket

The huge hood on the perfect pink puffer jacket

A pink puffer jacket with an extreme hood from asos

The perfect pink puffer jacket to keep you warm all winter long The ultimate list of puffer coats

I had never owned a puffer jacket until this winter, but I am officially in love. I bought this jacket after seeing it on Kristin Chambless’ instagram at the end of December. I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it – the length and the color had me immediately sold.

Do you ever just buy a new jacket and then it’s the only one you’re reaching for? Because, that has been me all this month! You probably noticed from my instagram this puffer jacket is all I’ve been reaching for. I’ve paired it with these snow boots so many times, it’s pretty much become my winter uniform.

The ultimate puffer jacket for winter.

I’m not even surprised I love it so much. Besides being obsessed with the color, it has kept me warm on these chilly winter days. And, most importantly, the size of this fury hood is amazing. You also can’t beat the price point, at under $80. It’s absolute perfection.

The huge hood on the perfect pink puffer jacket

There are a lot of great options at amazing prices too. I particularly like this pink one (no surprise of course) and this stunning maroon one with the black hood. Which are your favorites?  xoxo Kelsey